Everyone always talks about having balance in life, but what does that even mean?  When I hear people talk about achieving balance, I imagine it coming from a vegan who doesn’t have kids and spends their afternoons doing yoga on the beach.

Coincidentally, my niece is a vegan with no kids who seriously does yoga on the beach in the afternoon.  Go figure. Check her out on IG @ modern_day_hippi

For the rest of us, how can we achieve that in our busy, complex lives?  There isn’t one best way for everyone to live, but I’ll tell you what I did to get myself back on track.

Backed Away From Social Media

My cell phone is never far from me, therefore, neither is social media.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the sad or frustrating posts on Facebook (my media of choice) so my goal was to stay away from Facebook for just one day a week so that I could get a break.  I ended up staying away for 10 consecutive days!


I know, I know, you’ve probably heard this one a million times, but it really works!  According to Live And Dare, there are 76 scientific benefits to meditation including stress reduction and mental clarity.  I meditate before bed, when I first wake up, or on my lunch break (aka the baby’s nap time).  If you need meditation music click here.

Made A List Of 7 Things I Like To Do & 7 Things I Have To Do

Every day I picked one from each list and by the end of the week I felt pretty productive.

Meal Planned

I’m a newbie and only prepped food for a few days, but it freed up my evening so I wasn’t rushing to squeeze in my son’s bath before bedtime.  Although, prepping for lunch was easier than dinner for me.  Plus Mister didn’t starve.  Gold star for me!

Drank More Water & Took A Walk Outside

‘Nuff said.

Pampered Myself

I did a home pedicure, put on a dress, had a glass of wine and read a book.  Self-care is wildly undervalued, yet highly important.

Set Up Boundaries With Toxic People

Making conversations quick, utilizing texting, or just removing the drama completely has reduced some stress in my life.

Did Something Fun (Besides Watching TV)

I picked up 5 books from the library, a bit ambitious I know, to get me back in the groove of reading.   I took my son outside and he made chalk art in the driveway while I huffed and puffed on a cheap bubble wand.  Note to self: get a bubble machine.

Hung Out With Friends

Getting together with the girls always revives me.

So there you have it.  Start simple.  Give these tips a try and let me know how it works out.  What are your New Year’s goals?  What steps are you taking to achieve balance in your life?  Leave your suggestions below!