My son loves reading time.  I’ve been reading to him since he was 3 months old.  He would sit very patiently every time we read, even as a baby!  Now, he grabs a book, covers himself with a blanket and calls me over.  He excitedly points to the things in the book that he knows and describes them in full detail.  He inquisitively asks me about the things he doesn’t know so he can learn about them too.  We usually spend about 10 minutes longer on a book just talking about the pictures.  It’s a great way to not only teach him about new things (and how they work) but also to broaden his vocabulary.

This week is Children’s Book Week and we have some pretty cool books from the library.  My son is really into trucks, so of course, I got him a few truck books.  An awesome book for truck-loving kids is Alphabet Trucks by Audrey & Bruce Wood.  For each letter, we stated the letter name, made the sound of the letter and said a word that corresponds with that letter.  I was a huge Richard Scarry fan growing up, so it was exciting to share one of my favorite childhood authors with him.

Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day are right around the corner so it would be fun to add a few festive books.  Guess I’ll be swinging back by the library.  Did you know that some libraries will let you check out as many as 75 books at a time?  I used to wonder who would need that many books until our last book haul was about 25 books, so I could see needing that many if you have multiple children.  Hit the library and challenge your LittleReader to a book reading contest!  Or pick one of the classics to read together.  What books are your kids reading this week?