Last week we celebrated 3 days that are very dear to our family: our 8th wedding anniversary, Son’s 3rd birthday and Father’s Day.

On our anniversary, Mister came home early with a beautiful sunflower bouquet, card, and love note.  Oooooo!  I can’t believe we’ve been married for 8 years. We first began dating 18 years ago as love-struck teenagers.  Our relationship has ebbed & flowed throughout that time, but we always manage to bring it back to the basis of everything: our desire to be together.  I can honestly say that I love and appreciate him more each year.

2015-05-15 23.13.40

June 2008

We ordered food and watched Star Trek all day.  Now, most people wouldn’t consider that special, but it has taken Mister our entire marriage to get me to watch just one episode of Star Trek.  So to finally get me hooked is special to him.  And not having to cook is always special to me.


As a bonus, Sonshine also loves the show!  He does interpretive dance that basically looks like he’s flexing in a bodybuilding competition and makes Chewbacca noises to the intro music. He says, “that’s good music!”  Hah!  I think that Captain Sisko is Sonshine’s pseudo-grandfather. When he comes on the screen, Sonshine yells, “It’s Captain, it’s Captain!”  Hey, he is a good role model.


Captain Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek Deep Space 9

For Sonshine’s 3rd birthday, we took him swimming.  We’ve decided to only do parties for milestone birthdays and the rest are just for our little family.  Mainly because I’m not the best party planner.  And since we waited later than our friends to have a child, we don’t know a ton of little kids anyway.


The lazy river was more interesting than the playground to my “off the beaten path” child.


Needless to say, we had a ball!  He is a natural in the water.  He was a bit over-confident in his swimming abilities and wanted to be a bit too independent in the water.  I’m thrilled that he isn’t afraid, though.  That makes my job a lot easier.

2016-06-19 09.17.28

On Father’s Day, we BBQ’d with Mister’s family.  I brought zucchini, eggplant, corn, and pineapple to grill alongside the meat.  Everyone enjoyed the veggies as well.  We sat around in the sun, eating, playing with the kids and celebrating the wonderful men in our lives.  Although it was just a small group of people we sure did have a great time.

This week was dedicated to love and  I wouldn’t have it any other way.