The morning I went into labor was a regular morning.  We got up, had breakfast and decided to drive out to his parents’ house.  Mister and his dad were grilling steaks while his mom and I were lounging by the hot tub.

Mister jokes, “you should stay the night over here and I’ll pick you up in a few days.”

To which my mother-in-law replies, “oh no!  She’s not going into labor over here!”

My father-in-law then chimes in, “she looks like she’s gonna have that baby in about 7 hours!”  

We all laughed not knowing that it would be true.  That night I cooked dinner and we decided to watch a movie.  As he is getting everything set up, I go to the bathroom and see blood.  I peeked my head out of the doorway and yelled, “I think I’m in labor!  I’m going to call the midwife.”  We were instructed to come in right away.

As we drove down the freeway, I gripped the seatbelt with gut-wrenching contractions.  I looked over to see that Mister is doing the speed limit!  If there were ever a time to hurry, THIS would be it.  We finally arrive at the hospital.  My nurse, Danielle, checked me and said that I was 6-7cm!  What?!  It had only been an hour!  That means that this baby is almost here!  OMG!  THIS IS THE MOMENT!

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Since it was a planned water birth everything was prepped quickly.  I got into the pool.  Ahhh instant pain relief.  I floated on my back for a minute while Mister pushed water over my body.  I changed positions and was much more comfortable on my knees.  All of a sudden I felt the urge to push.  Danielle says, “don’t push yet love” in her calm Jamaican accent.  My midwife, Margaret, had not arrived yet.  I said, “I can’t help it Danielle.  I’m not trying to push, my body is doing it.”  I pushed about 5 times before Margaret came into the room.  Within minutes our son was born.  He immediately snuggled on my chest and I said to Mister, “DUDE, we’ve got a kid!” As if I just had an epiphany.  Everyone in the room laughed.

I stayed up all night thinking about my new title: mom.  It was kinda scary at first, but becoming a mother has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.